Prema Entha Madhuram: Anu and Arya can’t get enough of each other even while being on gunpoint

On Prema Entha Madhuram, a sharpshooter is aiming at Arya’s life while he is having the best time with Anu!

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December 1, 2020



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If you’ve been following Prema Entha Madhuram religiously, then you are aware that Arya has come up with a plan to meet Anu since it seemed impossible to go out under Jende’s watch. Arya cannot seem to stay away from her any longer. As the story takes sharp turns in Prema Entha Madhuram, we see that Jalandhar is looking for nothing less than Arya’s life, yet this does not stop him from being happy and meeting Anu.

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Anu is pleasantly surprised to meet Arya after she learns that the person dressed as the waiter was Arya. However, unknown to Arya, Jalandhar has employed a sharpshooter to follow and kill Arya. As per Jalandhar’s orders, a sharpshooter aims a sniper at Arya while he is with Anu. Jalandhar phones Jende and informs him about it while Anu and Arya share an ice-cream. Anu is unaware that Arya is under a threat and might be dead any second. However, Arya does not know this too and seems to be too happy since he got to spend time with the girl he likes so much. Peter, the shooter, aims his sniper at Arya and waits for Jalandhar’s orders. As this is happening, Anu gives a jasmine plant to Arya, who assures to tell her everything after her exams and not leave out any details. Later, Jalandhar calls Jende and threatens to shoot Anu. However, Jende has a smarter plan and defeats Peter, saving Anu without her even knowing that her life was in danger. It is truly fascinating how she had no idea and was having the best time of her life while being at gunpoint.

Prema Entha Madhuram is a Telugu romantic TV series revolving around a middle-aged businessman and a 20-year-old girl. Life brings them together and despite their age and mindset differences, they fall in love and get married. The story revolves around a business tycoon, Arya, who’s unmarried ever since his wife’s demise, and a girl-next-door Anu, who hails from the lower-middle-class strata, pursuing her education. Arya’s life turns topsy-turvy after meeting Anu. The couple, however, proves that when two souls are meant to be together, they find their way despite belonging to two different generations!

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