Prema Entha Madhuram: 5 things Meera can learn from Anu, in order to become a better person

From compassion to temperament, here are a few qualities that Meera from Prema Entha Madhuram can learn from Anu!

Bhavna Gandikota

February 2, 2021



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Meera from Prema Entha Madhuram might have earned a lot in life, but she has a long way to go before she becomes a better person. These are a few qualities that she can pick up from Anu in order to become warmer to other people and to become a more likable person.

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1)  Compassion

Meera is headstrong and rarely listens to people. She prefers having her own opinion unhindered. She has no place for imperfection and this, in turn, paints her as someone without any compassion for the people around her. On the other hand, Anu always finds a way to help the people around her.

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2) Temperament

On more occasions than one, Meera has lost her temper where she could have easily dealt with it calmly and this is something she can learn from Anu. Anu might easily get disappointed but she is patient with the people around her like she was with Ramya’s uncle whenever he insulted her.

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3) Giving people the benefit of doubt

Anu truly believes that people can change and she has always thought that Meera is her well-wisher, despite whatever she put Anu through. There was an incident where she was accused of theft because of Meera but Anu always looks past everything because she gives people the benefit of doubt.

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4) Respecting people

Anu respects everyone around her because of the background that she comes from, while Meera is almost always rude to people around her. Anu always talks to people the way she herself wants to be treated. If Meera picks this up from Anu, she will certainly be a better person.

Mira in Prema Entha Madhuram
Mira in Prema Entha Madhuram (Source: ZEE5)

5) Being humble

While Anu and Meera have had their own struggles in life, Anu does not let her position get into her head as Meera did. It is absolutely commendable what Meera has achieved but Anu is on her way to becoming a bigger person in her field because she is always humble.

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