Prema Entha Madhuram 27 July 2021 Written Update: Arya emotionally blackmails Sharada Devi

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July 27, 2021


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In the previous episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Arya gets shocked as Anu makes his favourite juice without him giving her a hint about it. Later, Jalandhar tells Arya that he will die if he marries Anu. Sharada Devi tries to explain the situation to Anu.

In the next episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, just when Sharada Devi is about to ask Anu to leave Arya, he arrives and stops her from revealing the truth. He tells Anu that Jalandhar may create hurdles in their wedding, and later tells Sharada Devi that he cannot live without Anu.

Arya pleads with Sharada Devi not to break his heart by cancelling the wedding. Mansi selects a traditional wedding card design for Arya and Anu, which is appreciated by everyone. Subbu and Padma have a war of words.

Subbu continues to express his discontentment to Padma about Anu and Arya’s wedding. He taunts Padma as she supports the wedding. Amidst the argument, he tries to stop Padma from throwing an important document Anu had been searching for. Anu returns home and apprises her parents about spending the day at Arya’s house.

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