Prema Entha Madhuram 26 November 2021 Upcoming Story: Jalandhar escapes from prison

Jende learns that Jalandhar has escaped from the prison. Shocked, he informs Arya about it in private. Watch the premiere episodes of Prema Entha Madhuram serial on ZEE5 before TV.


November 25, 2021

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In the next episode, at the prison, the officers gather the inmates and conduct a roll call. As Jalandhar does not respond to his number, the officers search every nook and corner of the prison but to no avail. At Arya’s house, the family members plan to go shopping for the festival. Mansi gets elated and looks forward to it. Just then, Jende receives information about Jalandhar’s escape from the prison, leaving him shocked. He asks Arya to have a word with him in private so as to not disturb everyone’s mood. Jende tells Arya that Jalandhar has escaped from jail and he must have planned something to target him. Arya gets stunned by it and decides to keep his guard up at all times and protect his family from Jalandhar’s next plans.

In the previous episodes, we saw how Arya and Anu continued their search for Padma and Subbu. They went to Narsing’s house on learning that the two have been staying there on rent, but fail to find them there. Anu then read the letter left by Subbu. Mansi made a futile attempt to join hands with Meera to have an upper hand over Anu. The next day, Sharada Devi called Anu to inform her that the priest fixed a date for her and Arya’s nuptial night. Anu went to Arya’s cabin to convey the same but as she felt shy, Arya noticed it and bantered with her. Anu then gave a sudden kiss to Arya and ran away, taking him by surprise. Later, Mansi told everyone that she has decided to compete with Anu at work.


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