Prema Entha Madhuram 25 November 2021 Written Update: Meera agrees to assist Mansi

Arya assures Meera that Mansi’s emotions aren’t constant. He convinces her to settle the differences and assist Mansi at work. Watch the premiere episode of Prema Entha Madhuram on ZEE5 before TV.


November 26, 2021

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In the previous episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Anu spends romantic moments with Arya at the office and tells him that Sharada Devi fixed a date for their nuptial night. Mansi asks Arya to convince Meera to assist her with work.


In the next episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, at night, Arya and Anu have a candid chat. Anu warns him against getting intimate with her before their nuptial night. Arya decides to kiss Anu, but she doesn’t let him. Arya still manages to kiss her on the cheek. The next morning at the office, Arya asks Jende about the updates on some projects. Just then, Meera comes to Arya’s cabin. Arya asks Meera to share her opinion about Mansi. To clarify, Arya asks if she noticed any difference in Mansi’s behaviour at home and at the office.

Meera frankly tells Arya that she didn’t monitor Mansi’s work at the office. Arya asks Meera to confide in him about the actual differences between her and Mansi. Meera divulges that Mansi doesn’t like her keeping a watch on her financial decisions. Arya tells Meera that her relationship with Mansi will improve if she accepts her proposal. He convinces her to assist Mansi in her work for a few days, and Meera hesitatingly agrees.

As Meera is still skeptical, Arya assures her that Mansi’s emotions are never constant. Meera says that she would assist Mansi to make him happy. While Meera tries to assist Mansi, the latter tries to boss her. Mansi tries to make Meera regret accepting her proposal late. She also tells Meera that she joined hands with her in order to stay a step ahead of Anu. Later, Mansi dominates Meera by threatening to expose her. Later, as Raghupati annoys Meera, she twists his arm in frustration.


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