Prema Entha Madhuram: 10 Romantic Moments That Anu & Arya Shared

Arya and Anu are undoubtedly one of the most loved couples. Here are 10 moments they shared that gave us butterflies.

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November 20, 2020



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 In the Telugu TV show Prema Entha Madhuram, things are taking an interesting turn. While Anu (played by Varsha) and Arya (played by Sriram Venkat) seem to be getting closer with every passing day, they still haven’t confessed their feelings to one another. Fans all over are waiting for this moment to arrive. Meanwhile, here are 10 moments that Anu and Arya shared that gave us all butterflies, making us root for them even more.
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1.When he told her that he liked her

A few episodes after their stay at the hotel, Arya calls Anu to his office so he can give her a return gift for the present that she gave him at the hotel. Before he does that he tells Anu that he respects her decision to not join him in London and then tells her that he likes her for the respects that she shows to her parents

2. When he went to meet her before going to London


When Anu is not successful in meeting Arya before his trip to London, she becomes extremely sad. Arya then decides that it is impossible for him to go to London without meeting Anu and shows up at her place at night.
3. When he gifts her a necklace 

When he calls Anu to his office for telling her that he likes her for respecting her parents, he gifts her an exquisite gold necklace as a return gift to her. While Anu loves the necklace, she tells him that she can’t take it home if he can’t justify why he gave it to her in the first place.

4. When Arya decides to take Anu to London

Once Meera tells him that she will not be able to go to London, he soon decides that the person he wants to share the trip with is Anu. He calls her at night to tell her that he wants to go to London with her and they share a moment as he is giving her the news.
Arya in Prema Entha Madhuram
Arya in Prema Entha Madhuram (Source: ZEE5)
5. When he asks if he can take another sweet
Once there is any good news in Anu’s life, the first person she wants to share it with is Arya. On one such occasion, Anu had taken a box of sweet to Arya’s office and shared a sweet with him. They shared a romantic moment while he had it. Just after that, he asked Anu if he could have another sweet so they could recreate the moment.
6. When he reminds Anu of the moment they had by asking her for a sweet at her place
Though Arya never tells her that he loves Anu, he always expresses his love for her in his gestures. One such time, he had dropped by at Anu’s place. To remind her of the moment they shared in his office, he teases Anu by asking her for a sweet and they start staring into each other’s eyes while smiling until Anu’s mother calls her.

7. When Anu asks him if there’s “Something Something”

After Arya learns that Neel had already been to Anu‘s place the same day as him, he gets upset and starts leaving. Anu walks with him to his car and then asks him why he has a long face. Anu understands that he is jealous of Neel and starts pulling his leg and asks him if he feels “Something Something”

8. When she expects his call but he visits her in person

At one point in the story, Anu starts waiting for Arya’s call desperately. When she gets disappointed that he hasn’t called, she starts getting back to her chores. Just as she is taking out her clothes, she sees Arya and asks Ramya to confirm that he is not her hallucination. Soon she has a sweet moment alone with Arya

Source: ZEE5
9.When he sees her at the open office day

Arya is the kind of boss that all of us wish we had! He hosts an open office day so that his employees can blow off some steam. While Anu returns from Vizag on the same day, she still makes it to the office. Before she could come to the office, Arya starts desperately waiting for her. The happiness in his eyes is very evident when he finally meets her.

10. When they share a walk at night

Arya starts comforting Anu after they had crossed the goons on the road at night. They share a walk together where everything romantic that one could imagine, happened between them. He even gave her his jacket because she was feeling cold.

Arya and Anu in Prema Entha Madhuram
Arya and Anu in Prema Entha Madhuram (Source: ZEE5)
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