Prema Entha Madhuram 08 September 2021 Written Update: Meera plans to get Anu’s family insulted

Meera devises a plan to get Anu’s family insulted and makes Raghupati steal the necklace that Mansi gave Padma.

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September 7, 2021

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In the previous episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Anu sets the place she is in on fire in order to escape. Just before starting the press meet, Arya learns about the fire accident and rushes to save Anu. Arya then brings Anu home.


In the next episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, when Mansi feels sorry for sending Anu to the salon, Anu tells her that she is alright. Meera and Sharada Devi question Arya about the press meet announcement. Arya says that there will be some important changes in the Vardhan Group of Industries after his marriage, which he wants to share with the media. He also deems it to be a perfect opportunity to introduce Anu to the media as a family member. Excited about being seen on TV, Sampat decides to get his makeup done. Mansi tells Arya that she will get Anu ready in such a way that she becomes the center of attraction instead of him.


Mansi orders Meera to bring her makeup kit from the car and takes Anu to the room to get her ready. Meera decides to seek Raghupati’s help in executing her plan. She makes him notice the necklace Padma wears. Raghupati asks Meera if she wants him to buy one such necklace for her, leaving her irked. She tells him that the necklace Padma is wearing is given to her by Mansi. She asks him to steal that necklace so that she could get Anu’s family insulted. Raghupati agrees and wishes to see Mansi and Sharada Devi lose their trust in Anu’s family. Jalandhar gets perplexed as he is unable to contact the women who kidnapped Anu. He calls up Arya to get an update. Arya asks Jende to answer the call, and Jende cooks up a story to Jalandhar saying the press meet is delayed because Arya is busy doing his makeup. Jalandhar suspects Jende to have become frantic out of terror.


Subbu wonders why he isn’t so excited for Anu’s wedding. Jende tells Subbu that it’s because of his thoughts. He asks Subbu to imagine how happy Anu will be after marrying Arya. Everyone is mesmerized to see Anu decked up. Mansi makes Padma take off her necklace. Mansi and Neeraj debate over who amongst Arya and Anu is looking great. Meera and Raghupati cut the power. Later, Raghupati secretly steals the necklace. The ‘mehendi’ function begins. Upon learning that Arya has a special gift for Anu, Mansi permits him to apply henna to Anu’s hands. Later, Anu and Sharada Devi tell Arya that one thing is missing still.


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