Prema Entha Madhuram 08 May 2021 Written Update: Arya recollects his past

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May 10, 2021


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In the previous episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Arya is shocked as Anu starts researching about Rajanandini textile’s past. He fears the consequences of Anu learning about his past. Jende surprises Arya by asking him to propose to Anu at the earliest. Arya plans to tell Anu about his past before proposing to her. Anu questions Jende about the mysterious Lilly garden.

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In the next episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Arya recalls the moments spent with Rajanandini. He is shattered to remember Rajanandini’s death. Jende consoles a dejected Arya. He later insists Arya to tell the truth to Anu.

Anu’s nightmare leaves her and her family panic-stricken. Anu’s parents try to calm her down. The next day, the soothsayer visits Sharada Devi, much to her happiness. Initially, the soothsayer’s words leave Sharada Devi perplexed.

The soothsayer indirectly says that the time has come for Anu to know their family’s truth. Arya leaves to go to Anu to tell her the truth. Sharada Devi is told by the soothsayer that her wish will soon come true.


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