Prema Entha Madhuram 07 September 2021 Written Update: Arya traces Anu’s location and saves her

Anu manages to light a fire in the room she is in. The fire spreads, which helps Arya trace her location and rescue her.

In the previous episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Arya suggests a plan to Anu which can help her escape. After noticing Anu talking to someone on the call, the kidnappers alert Jalandhar, who goes to confront Arya and blackmails him.


In the next episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Jende is doubtful if Anu will be able to execute the plan suggested by Arya. Arya tells Jende that he cannot think of his safety, since he will be guilt-ridden all his life if anything happens to Anu. Jende expects the possibility of Jalandhar harming Anu despite Arya fulfilling his condition. However, Arya plans to go ahead with the press meet and tells Jende that he wants the satisfaction of trying to save Anu’s life. At the same time, Arya is confident that Anu will be safe.


The paparazzi wonders why Arya called for a press meet and wait for him to start the live coverage. Jalandhar watches the live telecast and eagerly waits for Arya to admit the truth. He also plans to record the live news and is excited to watch his dream come true. Everyone thinks that the press meet is related to the wedding, which makes Jalandhar laugh. Jalandhar is certain about Anu leaving Arya forever after the press meet. The kidnappers too plan to watch the live telecast.


Anu manages to light fire in the room she is in. The kidnappers ignore the fire thinking that Anu is trying to divert them. Seeing the fire spread, they assume that Anu is burning herself to death. Anu prays that the fire helps Arya trace her location. The media shoots their questions at Arya. A couple of men spot the fire and inform the fire station. The kidnappers escape when the fire brigade arrives at the location. As soon as Jende and Arya receive information from the fire station, Arya suspends the press meet and rushes to save Anu. Jende asks the paparazzi to move to Anu’s house. Arya is relieved to find Anu safe and sound. While the family members worry about the couple, Arya brings Anu home. When everyone notices Anu tensed, Arya and Jende tell them that there was a fire accident at the salon Anu went to.


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