Prema Entha Madhuram 04 September 2021 Written Update: Arya decides to admit the truth in the press meet

Despite Jende’s disapproval, Arya doesn’t bother about his reputation being stained and decides to admit the truth in the press meet to save Anu.


September 7, 2021

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In the previous episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Jalandhar gives an ultimatum to Arya. Anu’s parents get worried as her phone is unreachable and inform Mansi about it. Arya’s family members get tensed as Arya locks himself in Rajanandini’s room.


In the next episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Mansi stops Arya and Sharada Devi from having an emotional conversation. Arya asks Neeraj to take the family members to Anu’s house, while he sets out to rescue Anu. Mansi pesters everyone to get ready as soon as possible. Jende wonders what Arya is going to do to save Anu. He is shocked when Arya asks him to arrange for a press meet. Arya says that he can do anything to save Anu, while Jende worries about Arya tarnishing his own image.


Jende continues to debate with Arya whether he should really damage his reputation for Anu’s sake. Arya says that he isn’t in a state to think about his reputation when the girl who blindly trusts him is in trouble. While Arya decides to admit the truth in the press meet to save Anu’s life, Jende makes him realise that Anu won’t forgive him upon learning the truth. Jende asks Arya for a last chance to locate Jalandhar, but Arya argues saying they don’t have enough time. Arya blackmails Jende to arrange the press meet. Jende says he would rather die than see his friend’s reputation being stained.


The kidnappers don’t find their phone, which worries them. Anu hopes that Arya doesn’t accept any lie as the truth in pressure. She doesn’t wish to see Arya sacrifice anything for her. Arya and Anu worry for each other. Anu hopes that Arya doesn’t land in trouble in an attempt to rescue her. Padma’s neighbours praise the grand arrangements made for Anu and Arya’s ‘mehendi’ function, which irks Raghupati. Sampat has a banter with Mansi and Neeraj. When Sharada Devi enquires about Ramya, Sampat informs that she is in Visakhapatnam. Subbu asks Sharada Devi why Anu didn’t come with them. Sharada Devi apprises Anu’s parents that Arya will be bringing Anu. Padma is happy about Arya taking Anu’s responsibility. Mansi wants Anu to get the best ‘mehendi’ design. Padma and her neighbours admire Mansi’s love for Anu. As Padma likes Mansi’s necklace, she gives it to her. Subbu refuses to accept any more jewellery, but Sharada Devi manages to convince him. Mansi ties her necklace to Padma. Anu manages to contact Arya and explains her condition. Arya desperately asks Anu to find clues about her location.


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