Prema Entha Madhuram 02 September 2021 Written Update: Arya and Jende learn Ghuna’s truth

Jalandhar orders Ghuna to be by Arya’s side to inform him about Arya’s next moves, but Ghuna ends up getting exposed.

In the previous episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Arya decides to put bangles around Anu’s hands. He meets Anu at the temple and noticing her being worried, Arya reassures her and tells her to lock eyes with him. Later, Ghuna and the women disguised as makeup artists kidnap Anu. Jalandhar calls up Arya to inform him about Anu’s abduction, leaving Arya furious.


In the next episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Arya threatens to kill Jalandhar when he tells him about getting Anu kidnapped. Jalandhar also informs that he doesn’t know Anu’s whereabouts, so he cannot extract any clue from him. When Arya asks what he wants, Jalandhar asks him to admit to the media during the ‘mehendi’ function that he had killed Rajanandini . This leaves Arya furious. Jalandhar then asks Ghuna to be by Arya’s side and give him every bit of information about Arya’s next moves. The kidnappers eagerly wait for the press meet. Anu regains consciousness and is shocked to find herself kidnapped. She is stunned to learn that Arya has to admit a truth in a press meet to get her released.

Anu cries out for help but in vain. Jende tries to trace Jalandhar’s location. Ghuna pretends to be injured and cooks up a story to Jende and Arya while informing about Anu’s abduction. Jende doesn’t let Ghuna reveal about Anu’s abduction in front of Arya’s family members. Elsewhere, Anu makes a futile attempt to trick the kidnappers and escape.


With the help of the information provided by the commissioner, Arya figures out that the wedding planner is Jalandhar’s man. Though Ghuna pleads for innocence, Arya and Jende take his phone and confront him. Jende points his gun at Ghuna to make him reveal the truth but in vain. Ghuna informs them that Anu will be killed if Arya doesn’t admit the truth in the press meet. Jalandhar calls up Arya again and warns him to get ready to admit the truth on camera. He tries to confuse Arya when he asks about Anu’s whereabouts.


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