Pranitha Subhash stuns glamour world in another sizzling Instagram reel

Pranitha Subash can be seen showing her finely styled hairs multiple times while swaying her hands over them


September 15, 2021


3 min


Considered the fashion queen of the Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu film industries, Pranitha Subhash is known for setting fashion trends in the glamour world. Be it jewellery, foot wares, dresses, or any other thing, Pranitha Subhash is the fashion icon that comes first to mind. The Baava actress never fails to surprise her fans and keeps on displaying her astonishing beauty at regular intervals. This time, however, Pranitha Subhash has just touched a new level.

The glamorous babe

Pranitha Subah, today, has posted a new reel on the popular social media platform Instagram. The 28-year-old actress can be seen wearing a crème colour saree adorned with beautifully designed multicolour flowers in form of lining from top to bottom. The backless blouse in the pink sparkling finish, however, becomes a focal point of her entire attire. In what appears to be a masterpiece of craftsmanship, the marvelous saree extensively enhances the charm of Pranitha as the sizzling diva has become sexier in the new outfit by Shyamal and Bhumika.

Complementing her dress is the jewellery which also gains attention in the short video. Pranitha can be easily seen sporting a beautiful multicolour necklace with an out-of-world design. To showcase more of her style, Pranitha regularly adjusts her hair which brings into focus her starry earing. What perfects the two is the amusing bracelet that further adds glory to her style.

Last but not least comes the overall styling of the South Indian diva. Pranitha Subash can be seen showing her finely styled hairs multiple times while swaying her hands over them. But, what completes the entire look is the makeup of the beauty. Pranitha is known for displaying the best makeup in the business, and she just rose the bar high. Let it be her pink lips or her pink eyelids supported with black eyeliners, Pranitha outperforms in every department.
With such fabulous attire, Pranitha Subash appears ready to steal the hearts again.

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