Postponed 2020 Olympics In Tokyo Hit ‘Year-To-Go’ Mark

Had the COVID-19 crisis not hit, the games would have commenced today.

Sohil Nikam

July 23, 2020

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Postponed as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo have once again hit the ‘year-to-go’ mark. The Tokyo Games would have commenced today had it not been for the pandemic, but instead, they will now start on July 23, 2021. A low-key ceremony was held today at the National Stadium in Tokyo, which was supposed to hold the much-awaited opening ceremony of the Olympic games. The Olympics were rescheduled in March this year, seeing the global coronavirus situation.

Back then, the International Olympics Committee (IOC) was categorical that the fairness and integrity of the event had to be maintained since more than 40% of the athletes still hadn’t earned their place in the event. New qualification tournaments and timelines have been announced by the IOC but the schedule for the main games will remain exactly the same, except that it will take place a year later. Confusion still prevails on whether the games will still go forward if a vaccine is not developed till then.

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