Post MAA elections THIS is the reason why Prakash Raj demands CCTV footage

Actor Prakash Raj on Thursday wrote a letter to the polling officer of MAA and requested the CCTV footage of the election day as there is a foul play suspected in the said election on the part of the opposition


October 14, 2021


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The MAA elections that took place on the 10th of October 2021 have been the center of many controversies throughout. Adding to the list is the latest development under which Prakash Raj has requested the election officer of MAA elections 2021, Krishnamohan, for CCTV footage of election day as he suspects a foul play in the elections.

As per the result of the elections Manchu Vishnu was elected the President of the association, and despite the fact that 11 members of the Prakash Raj panel, who won in the MAA elections, resigned from their respective posts on Tuesday, Vishnu did not give any comment on it.
In an ugly turn of events many artists have come forward to allege that the Manchu family harassed them mentally during the MAA elections. It is in the light of these incidents that Prakash Raj has requested the election officer for the CCTV footage from the polling booth.

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Prakash Raj has stated in his letter to the election officer “You were witness to many unfortunate events that happened in the just-concluded MAA elections. The tempers were high and we saw unruly, anti-social behavior of DRC member Sri Mohan Babu and ex-president Sri Naresh.”

Raj mentioned in his letter that even MAA members want to know the truth about the reports and the events that took place. According to him, the MAA elections and subsequent episodes have rendered them a “laughing stock” in the public’s eyes and there is revulsion regarding the behavior of several well-known figures.

He has requested the officer to provide them with the CCTV footage at earliest possible with fear that if that is not done then footage can either be tampered with or can be deleted. Raj has even accused the election officer used his discretionary powers to allow the notorious elements of the opposite team and their henchmen in the polling arena.

The actor in all seriousness also went on to remind the polling officer of his duties and stated “As a polling officer, it is your duty to preserve all the records at least for three months.” He backed his statement by stating that various judgements by the Hon’ble Supreme Court mandate that the polling officers shall preserve the records.

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