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Poovey Poochoodava: There Are Little Chances of Pugazh Not Being Shakthi’s Son, Here’s Why

Bhavna Gandikota

April 7, 2021

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As Poovey Poochoodava’s Sahul and Sushma set out to find their child, is there a chance that it is Pugazh?

As things are finally settling up for Shiva and Shakthi from Poovey Poochoodava, another problem awaits their family. Sahul and Sushma learn that their child was given away to someone in the hospital while she gave birth to a set of twins. Sahul seems determined to find the child, and as per the reports, there is a chance that the child is Pugazh. While this is yet to be established, we think that there are very few chances that Pugazh is not Shakthi and Shiva’s son!

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Pugazh takes up after Shiva

Pugazh is a spitting image of Shiva in terms of how he conducts and carries himself. Pugazh and Shiva are both too innocent to have a filter on their mouths before saying something in front of everyone. When Mithra refused to play with Pugazh, he told his parents that he wanted a sister, in front of everyone, even after his family started laughing. On the other hand, Shiva tried telling Shakthi how much he loved her in front of everyone while having dinner.

Shakthi and her son

Shakthi did give birth to a son in the hospital, and if Pugazh was Sushma’s child then who would be Shakthi’s child? There is no record of another child, which makes it very likely that Pugazh is Shakthi’s child. There is very little chance that the hospital messed up in both their cases.

Sahul and Sushma in Poovey Poochoodava
Source: ZEE5

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Pugazh’s connection to his parents

Shakthi has brought Pugazh up ever since he was born, and this makes him no less than her child as you do not have to be biologically related to someone to have a motherly feeling for them. Apart from this, Shiva felt a strong connection with Pugazh even before knowing that Pugazh was his son, or that Shakthi was raising him. This goes to prove that they certainly have a bond.

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