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Poovey Poochoodava: Shiva Finding Out Adithya’s Truth Will Bring Him Much Closer To Shakti, Here’s How

Bhavna Gandikota

March 5, 2021

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Poovey Poochoodava’s Shiva now knows that Adithya was the one who was keeping him away from Shakthi, but this is why we feel that they have come closer

Poovey Poochoodava‘s Shiva and Shakthi are getting close to meeting each other with every possible episode, and as Shiva finally learns that Adithya is one of the reasons for their long-drawn separation. The fact that he has finally learnt the truth only means that he will now easily get to Pugazh and Shakti. While we can hardly wait for that to happen, here’s why we think that Adithya only brought them closer!

Watch the spoiler for the latest episode of Poovey Poochoodava right here!

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Adithya couldn’t marry Shakthi

Adithya wanted to but could never marry Shakthi, and because of him she eventually learnt how much she loved and missed Shiva. He also made sure that he married her without telling her the truth about Shiva but, it only ended up in Shiva trying harder to find Shakti. Shiva had also managed to find her address!

Adithya couldn’t keep Shakti away from Shiva

Even after asking Pugazh’s school teacher to lie for him and constantly misguiding Adithya, fate made sure that he kept getting closer to Shakti. Adithya even got a couple to pretend as Pugazh’s fake parents, so he did not think that Pugazh was his child. After having done all that, he couldn’t keep them apart!

Shiva in Poovey Poochoodava
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Shiva eventually learnt the truth

Imagine having the whole universe play against you, and still trying to find your loved ones! Even in those circumstances, Shiva unravelled the truth and realised how much he actually loved and missed Shakthi. This only goes to prove that they are meant to be no matter what, or who is against the couple.

While Adithya Yogi had plans laid out to marry Shakthi, all of this only goes to show that any problem between the couple will only bring them closer!

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