Pookalam Varavayi: Will Sharmila’s dirty move successfully shake Harshan and Sapthathi’s relationship?

Sharmila’s manipulative words is slowly beginning to take effect on Harshan who might hit a rough patch in his relationship soon.

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February 19, 2021



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In the latest episode of Pookalam Varavayi, we saw Harshan return to Kalapurackal. His comeback has surprised everyone including Sharmila and the audience. Although almost unbelievable, he explains how he was taken away by the goons and how they miraculously dropped him right back at the house. However, his comeback was the biggest surprise for Sharmila and Saudamini who are now worried about their involvement in his abduction being revealed. As soon as he came back, the wicked duo made a dirty move and it seemed to work too.

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Sharmila is highly manipulative as she has proved in the past. The biggest proof of the same is the fact that Abhimanyu still trusts her as a mother figure after all that has happened to him. Her words are calculated and her subtle, yet evil intentions make her one of the most dangerous people around. Now that Harshan is back at the family, Sharmila and Saudamini needed to make a fast move before he settled in and they did the same.

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The duo saw Ashokan enter the house and Sapthathi follow him and took the opportunity without thinking twice. Saudamini headed to Harshan and told him that Ashokan and Sapthathi have been acting close in his absence. Now, if this was said by Saudamini alone, there are least chances that Harshan buy it. But, Sharmila standing right next to him and reaffirming the same, added to the impact.

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Harshan knows Sharmila and Saudamini can’t be trusted. But, this time the rumour was about his wife and Ashokan, who is a very questionable character in his mind. Not to mention, there was an impact of the cunning Sharmila as she begins to add some logic into it too. The highly manipulative woman knows how Harshan thinks and she lands each word where it matters. The duo succeeds and Harshan has a conversation with Sapthathi about the same.

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Sapthathi dismisses the train of thought at once and reminds him that it’s a wicked woman who told him this. Even though the problem gets resolved in a snap, the wrong questions have now entered Harshan’s mind and that is all Sharmila needed, to plan a future move. We know from the past, how manipulative Sharmila can be. The continual rumours and allegations from her could begin to have a toll on Harshan and Sapthathi’s relationship soon as he is a very gullible person in general. There remains a chance that Harshan who already has some unresolved issues with Ashokan might bring this issue up again.

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