Pookalam Varavayi: Will Abhimanyu find out who the real culprit is, after the lift incident?

Here’s what we think could happen next on our favourite show Pookalam Varavayi as Abhimanyu becomes more and more suspicious about the lift incident in his office.

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January 16, 2021



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Sharmila’s plans are getting more dangerous by the day and Samyuktha is finding it hard to keep up. In the latest episodes of Pookalam Varavayi, we saw an angrier and more dangerous Sharmila hatch a new plan to sabotage Samyuktha at Abhi’s office. We saw her succeed in making Samyuktha unconscious and therefore trapping her in the lift. However, Abhimanyu finds her on time and rescues her before something fatal happened.

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Thanks to Abhi, who found Samyuktha on time, the immediate danger is avoided. However, now Sharmila is in the hotspot as Abhi has doubts about the incident. Not knowing the complete truth of the story, Abhi talks to Sharmila and Saudamini and shares his doubts regarding the incident. With Abhi closer than ever to finding out her real face, Sharmila is forced to put on a poker face and act innocent. One thing she doesn’t know is that by doing the same, she is deflecting the doubt onto Saudamini.

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Abhimanyu has doubts regarding Saudamini from long ago. He has let the viewers know this on multiple occasions. From the time she tried to attack Samyuktha to forcing the rituals at the temple, Abhi’s doubts have only grown with time. Even though he has never got any concrete evidence regarding this, the casual hate of Saudamini towards Samyuktha is visible in bits and pieces. It goes without saying that Saudamini is the easiest link for Abhi to catch Sharmila’s real face.

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Sharmila is smart. As soon as Abhi confesses his doubts, she decided to begin cleaning up his office for evidences. Now, there are two big possibilities here. Sharmila might be getting the CCTV footage cleaned up before Abhi finds. Or, Abhi might be watching the footage and tracing it back to her. Even though the first one sounds too easy, it isn’t so as Abhi is cunning. He knows his office well and if something skeptical is happening, he knows who to question, which will eventually lead him back to his own house.

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The one way out for Sharmila is to find a way to frame a more believable story of the incident. Even though she can’t get involved personally, she can always hire someone from the office and blame it on him/her. This might get Abhi angry at his employees but will save Sharmila. As the events grow more intense every minute, we can’t wait to see what unfolds next.

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