Pookalam Varavayi: What would happen if Samuyktha opens the gift tampered by Saudamini?

Abhimanyu approaches Samyuktha without knowing that his gift is ruined and his letter is replaced. Here’s everything that could happen now

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January 19, 2021



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Abhimanyu finally decides to open up to Samyuktha and he chooses the sweetest way for this. He purchases a saree for her and also adds a letter with it. However, bringing a gift and enjoying a moment with his beloved is tough for Abhi as he lives with his enemies. Saudamini finds out about the gift and tampers it and replaces the letter too. Without knowing the happenings in the house, Abhimanyu approaches Samyuktha and we can’t wait to know what happens next.

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Abhimanyu is falling for Samyuktha in all senses and it is too sweet. Abhi brings his beloved a gift and writes all his feelings in a love letter. It would have been amazing to see how Samyuktha would have reacted to such a move. She might have read it with a blush or pull Abhi’s leg; it would have been too cute to watch either way. However, there’s no knowing now as it is tampered by the crooked Saudamini.

Saudamini tampers the gift (Source: ZEE5)












Suadamini is so vicious that she can’t let the couple enjoy a single good moment. It is even sadder to realise that she might actually win in this scenario. As of now, Abhimanyu has approached Samyuktha with a shy face and let her know about the gift. But what will happen if she opens it now? There are two possible outcomes to this.

Samyuktha knows Abhi’s feelings well, even though the duo hasn’t completely opened up to one another yet. There are chances that Samyuktha would realise that the gift is tampered as soon as she opens it. She might understand it was someone else’s doing as she knows that Abhi might never do something like it. However, the contents of the letter will still be the biggest risk of this possibility.

Samyuktha is shocked by the letter (Source: ZEE5)












If the content of the letter is well-put and convincing, there’s no saving the moment as Samyuktha might just believe that Abhi did it to hurt her. As we know, the couple only has intuitions and hasn’t really opened up yet. This might lead to bigger problems as Samyuktha could take it seriously and pick a fight with Abhi. Even worse, she could give him the silent treatment that’ll add to the miscommunication that already prevails.

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Depending on Samyuktha’s mood, there are more chances of her misunderstanding Abhi right now and this might become a problem. Anyway, Abhi will have to make up to Samyuktha if this happens. It is now a waiting game to see if Samyuktha believes the letter or her intuitions on Abhi more.

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