Pookalam Varavayi: These incidents prove that Yatheenthran is an amazing father!

Here are 5 moments from Pookalam Varavayi that make Yatheenthran an amazing father

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September 29, 2020


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One of the best father roles from Zee Keralam TV shows comes from Manu Varma aka Yatheenthran on Pookkalam Varavayi. He is the father of Samvrutha, Samyuktha and Saptathi, who all look for his affection and guidance. For those who love the fantastic chemistry between Yatheenthran and his beautiful daughters, here are 5 moments that make him an amazing father on-screen.

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  1. Yatheenthran requests Abhimanyu to be a good husband
Yatheenthran begs of Abhimanyu to take care of his daughter (Source:ZEE5)
Yatheenthran begs of Abhimanyu to take care of his daughter (Source: ZEE5)

Yatheenthran knows that Abhimanyu married Samyuktha only to save his brother Harshan’s relationship. He instantly apologizes to Abhimanyu for the trouble caused and requests him to take care of his daughter. Being a father leaves you with a lot of special moments from a lifetime of responsibilities. Yatheenthran continues to take care of his daughters even after they are married to someone else, showing the world that he is an amazing father.

  1. Yatheenthran accepts Nithya’s apology
Yatheenthran and Parvathy finds Nithya's letter(Source:ZEE5)
Yatheenthran and Parvathy finds Nithya’s letter(Source: ZEE5)

Yatheenthran and Parvathy adopt Nithya as she is an orphan. They bless her engagement ceremony but soon gets betrayed by her as she disappears without leaving a trace. Even after the embarrassment they had to go through, Yatheenthran is quick to forgive Nithya when he finds her letter. He gets emotional as he finds her apologizing through the letter and prays for her wellness.

  1. Sarath asks for Yatheenthran’s help
Sharath meets Yatheenthran and Parvathy (source:ZEE5)
Sharath meets Yatheenthran and Parvathy (Source: ZEE5)

Yatheenthran is known to be an affectionate father and a helpful man. He finds Sarath looking worried about his financial troubles and offers to help him. Sarath who is an alone in his pursuit for a better job and life finds a father figure in Yatheenthran. Even though he is not well-off, Yatheenthran offers to help Sarath, which makes him one of the kindest characters on TV.

  1. Yatheenthran apologizes to Sarath
Yatheenthran gets emotional (source:ZEE5)
Yatheenthran gets emotional (Source: ZEE5)

Sarath blames Samvrutha for all the trouble she caused and complains to Yatheenthran about the same. He tells Yatheenthran about how she tricked him into buying her a new phone while holding his documents as leverage. Instead of getting angry and lashing out like Parvathy, Yatheenthran apologizes to Sarath on behalf of Samvrutha. Yatheenthran makes Samvrutha repent on her actions by telling her that he failed in setting a good role model for her.

  1. Samyuktha thanks Yatheenthran for his love
Samyuktha thanks Yatheenthran (source:ZEE5)
Samyuktha thanks Yatheenthran (Source: ZEE5)

Samyuktha is the only one who has ever seen Yatheenthran’s heart hurting from the trouble his family has to endure. Before her marriage ceremony, Samyuktha takes a moment to thank Yatheenthran for the love and care he has given her.

She leaves us all teary-eyed when she tells him that he is the best father one could ever wish for. Which was your favourite moment from Yatheenthran on Pookalam Varavayi? Tell us in the comments below!

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