Pookalam Varavayi Spoiler Alert: Abhimanyu Learns About Samyuktha’s Fake Injury

What will be Abhimanyu’s reaction when he finds out that Samyuktha was faking her injury? Read more to find out the big reveal on today’s episode of Pookalam Varavayi!

Tom Francis

August 5, 2020


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Samyuktha (Mridhula Vijai) and Abhimanyu (Arun G Raghavan) on Pookalam Varavayi have given us some of the best moments on the show with their fantastic on-screen chemistry. In the recent episode, Samyuktha fakes an injury to prank Abhimanyu and teach him a lesson. But how long can she pull up this trick on Abhimanyu? Read more to find out!

Missed out on the latest episode of the Zee Keralam serial Pookalam Varavayi? Watch it here:

Previously on Pookalam Varavayi, Parvathy gets unknowingly involved in the drama between Abhimanyu and Samyuktha as she walks into their office while they discuss regarding the divorce papers. Samyuktha gets emotional as Parvathy lends a pen to Abhimanyu to sign the papers for their separation.

Later, Abhimanyu’s lawyer gets into trouble as he starts fighting with Sruthi Lakshmi over a rickshaw. The lawyer takes Sruthi’s phone with him accidentally and forgets to take it back when returns to meet her. Sruthi takes the divorce papers from the lawyer to make him return her phone safely.

Samyuktha fakes an injury to prank Abhimanyu (source:ZEE5)
Samyuktha fakes an injury to prank Abhimanyu (Source: ZEE5)

Abhimanyu’s ignorance leads to an accident involving Samyuktha. The incident leaves Samyuktha with a minor injury to her fingers. Samyuktha makes use of the opportunity and makes Abhimanyu look after her as she pretends to be injured.

Spoiler alert: Scroll down only if you are ready for a spoiler!

As Abhimanyu leaves for work, Samyuktha makes Jyothirmayi do the household chores. She also takes revenge on Abhimanyu and tells him to prepare tea and cook food for her.

Abhimanyu wakes up as Samyuktha starts dancing in joy (source:ZEE5)
Abhimanyu wakes up as Samyuktha starts dancing in joy (Source: ZEE5)

Abhimanyu also gives up his bed and agrees to lie down on the floor after getting irritated by Samyuktha’s behaviour.

In the trailer for today’s episode, we see Samyuktha dancing in joy as Abhimanyu sleeps on the floor. Making matters worse Abhimanyu wakes up to realise that he has been tricked by Samyuktha.

How will Abhimanyu retaliate to Samyuktha’s prank? Stay tuned to Pookalam Varavayi to find out!

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