Pookalam Varavayi: Like Abhimanyu? Here are 4 reasons to follow Arun G Raghavan on social media

From access to exclusive behind-the-scenes footages to watching a reel couple’s chemistry in real life, here’s all the reasons a fan of Abhimanyu should follow Arun G Raghavan on Instagram.

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January 14, 2021



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From being a quickly angry businessman to a loving husband, Abhimanyu in Pookalam Varavayi has come a long way. While some us have loved him all along, some have only begun to like him after his soft side started getting exposed, thanks to Samyuktha. Arun G Raghavan,who portrays Abhi, has quite the same quirks as his reel self and his social media shows the same. Here are some reasons who you be following Arun on social media if you like Abhimanyu.

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Behind the Screen


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Arun is very active on social media and keeps gifting his fans with more and more behind-the-scene photos and videos from the sets of Pookalam Varavayi. From our favourite characters goofing around to him practicing for some intense fight scenes, his account has it all. Arun’s uploads are a whole different set of entertainment for the fans of Abhimanyu to watch.

The Best Couple


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Samyuktha and Abhimanyu make for a great couple and we know it for a fact. Even though they have had their differences in the past, the couple can’t control their excitement around one another now. All our hearts melted  as we watched Abhi carry Samyuktha and walk on fire to prove his love. The couple has a great chemistry and it is visible off-screen too. Arun shares some of best photoshoots of the reel couple and they are amazing. The couple looks stunning together and the fans have a great time watching the duo together off-screen.

Abhi’s Hobbies?


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Arun is quite the traveler and his social media proves it. We don’t know if Abhi likes to travel but it is only fair to enjoy the actor’s travel pictures , treating it like an extended hobby of our favourite character. Arun clicks a lot of snaps during his travel and shares these posts with fans from several locations, including Thailand, Mumbai and even the backwaters of Kerala. The actor has a taste in photography and his skills speak for themselves as he posts pictures without any editing done on them.

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The Complete Entertainer


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Arun is an all-round entertainer who keeps on giving. The actor, when bored, tries various things and amazes his fans with them. From his funny Q&A sessions which make fans laugh out loud  and trying his hands-on video editing to produce some crazy footage of him playing cricket alone, the actor knows how to keep his fans entertained. His social media engagement is commendable and no fan of Abhi will get bored by Arun’s experiments.

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