Pookalam Varavayi July 23 Written Update: Sharmila and Saudamini meet Anamika

Sharmila and Saudamini meet Anamika. To know what happens next on Pookalam Varavayi Watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!


July 23, 2021


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In the previous episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Samyuktha hides Samvrutha’s condition from Parvathy. Later, she spots the wedding saree that she wished to buy and gets upset over the hard work Abhimanyu had to put into buying her the saree.

In the latest episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Samyuktha warns Saudamini. Later, Samyuktha tells Parvathy that she is leaving for her Ph.D. She asks Samyuktha whether Abhimanyu agreed to let her study for Ph.D. She tells Parvathy that Abhimanyu loves her like his own mother and refused to let her go from Kalapurackal. Samyuktha leaves. Meanwhile, photographer John finds a photograph of Sharmila hitting Yatheendran on his head and Samvrutha bearing witness to the same and is left shocked. Harshan finds Abhimanyu by the road in a drunken state. He rushes to Abhimanyu’s side and tries to take him home but Abhimanyu pushes him away.

Harshan returns to the hospital and tells Saptathi about the happenings. Harshan’s condition makes Saptathi upset. Later, Saudamini and Sharmila almost bump into a vanity van. Saudamini threatens the driver and asks him to pay up. The driver tells Saudamini that the caravan belongs to the famous actress, Anamika. Sharmila and Saudmini fail to recognise that Anamika is Samyuktha’s new avatar. They get mesmerised by her looks and financial status. Anamika pays Saudamini.

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