Pookalam Varavayi January 14 Written Update: Abhimanyu finds Samyuktha

Abhimanyu finds Samyuktha. To know what happens next on Pookalam Varavayi, Watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!


January 13, 2021



3 min


In the previous episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Jacintha cuts the electric supply to the elevator. Samyuktha gets stuck inside the elevator. Jacintha lies to Abhimanyu about Samyuktha. Later, Abhimanyu gets worried when he realises that Samyuktha is missing. 

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In the latest episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Sharmila asks Abhimanyu to go and search for Samyuktha. Saudamini reprimands Sharmila for her decision. She tells Sharmila to let Samyuktha die in the elevator. Sharmila tells Saudamini that she sent Abhimanyu to search for Samyuktha to convince her son about her love for her daughter-in-law. Sauadmini is overjoyed when Sharmila shares her plans with Saudamini. Sharmila adds that she has sent Abhimanyu to town and not to his office where Samyuktha is stuck in the elevator. Sauadmini is stunned on hearing her words. Meanwhile, Samyuktha suffers without getting oxygen and feels claustrophobic inside the elevator. She calls to Abhimanyu for help. Samyuktha gets restless and hysterical. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu continuously calls on Samyuktha’s number, but he gets no reply. Abhimanyu gets worried and upset. He goes to the office. The security tells Abhimanyu that the elevator is not working. Abhimanyu finds Samyuktha’s bike and phone in the office. He waits near the elevator for a while without realising that Samyuktha is stuck inside.

Abhimanyu reminisces his day with Samyuktha. He questions the security and leaves the office in his car. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu calls Sreebuddhan and informs him that Samyuktha is missing. He shares his worries with Sreebuddhan. Sreebuddhan tries to console Abhimanyu, but the call gets disconnected. Later, Abhimanyu ponders through the security’s conversation with him earlier and remembers that he had mentioned Samyuktha taking the elevator. Abhimanyu gets a feeling that Samyuktha must be stuck in the elevator. He follows his intuition and drives to the office. He goes to the elevator and tries to work it. To Abhimanyu’s surprise, the elevator opens. Abhimanyu finds Samyuktha unconscious in the elevator. Abhimanyu tries to wake her up. He is unable to bring her back to consciousness. Abhimanyu holds Samyuktha in his arms and weeps.

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