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Pookalam Varavayi: Here’s why Ashokan could be the weapon Samyuktha was missing all this while!

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March 1, 2021

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Ashokan has turned into a saviour for Samyuktha in Abhimanyu’s absence. Here’s why he can be the perfect weapon for Samyuktha.

In a recent episode of Pookalam Varavayi, we saw Sharmila question Samyuktha for letting Ashokan stay at Kalapurackal and the latter tells Sharmila that Abhimanyu agreed with her decision. This comes as a huge blow to Sharmila, and we all know why. Agitated by this, Sharmila tries to strangle Samyuktha and Ashokan comes running to the rescue, reassuring that her decision to let him stay at the family was for the good.

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An angry Ashokan slaps Sharmila and asks her to stay away from Samyuktha. Ashokan threatens Sharmila, letting Samyuktha know that she won’t be alone in fights anymore. His entry at Kalapurackal comes at the right time as the wicked mother-in-law’s plans against Samyuktha keep getting more evil by the day.

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Only a few episodes ago, Samyuktha was on the verge of getting killed. She was saved by a whisker, thanks to Ashokan who rushed to the scene. As Samyuktha’s safety gets more and more questioned by the day, it is a relief that she has Ashokan by her side. Even though he has different aims of his own, the duo could work together until they meet their common goals.

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However, most recently we saw Sharmila tell Samyuktha that she has made a grave mistake by opening up to Ashokan. According to her, Ashokan is mad and is uncontrollable in every way. Even though it sounds farfetched, there are chances these words can be true. Earlier, we have seen Ashokan’s behaviour and he has been a questionable character in the past.

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As of now, Ashokan is helping Samyuktha in achieving their common goal and is looking after her like a brother in Abhimanyu’s absence. Even though the duo shares a unique bond, it is more convincing to believe that Samyuktha can use him as a weapon. Ashokan’s anger and crazy behaviour can be put to use if Samyuktha plays her cards right. She has been struggling alone at Kalapurackal until now and this is her one chance to plot something back.

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Now that the duo is together and Ashokan’s presence is stronger than ever, it feels like the right time for Samyuktha to make a plot resulting in Sharmila’s downfall or Saudimini losing her place in the family. In both the cases, the success will be of great use for both Samyuktha and Ashokan and it is clear by now that Ashokan and his fearless behaviour might be the weapon Samyuktha was missing all this while.

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