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Pookalam Varavayi: Here’s why Abhimanyu needs to open up to Samyuktha now, more than ever

Shrudi Shyam

May 16, 2021

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If Abhimanyu doesn’t start discussing his problems with Samyuktha, he might soon end up in a bigger ditch now. Read on to know why we feel so.

Abhimanyu and Samyuktha have been married for quite some time now. Although the duo never liked each other during the initial days of Pookalam Varavayi, both Samyuktha and Abhimanyu have grown fond of each other. Samyuktha has expressed her feelings multiple times, while Abhimanyu keeps denying them. But one thing common between the duo is how they never share their problems with each other. Samyuktha does so because she knows Abhimanyu wouldn’t hear a word against his evil relatives, and Abhimanyu does it just because of his fragile ego. But we think it’s high time Abhimanyu starts sharing his problems with Samyuktha.

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Abhimanyu’s bad decision-making

Abhimanyu recently signed the papers and sold a major chunk of Carnival Group’s shares to Vasundara Devi. Usually, people make such a huge decision if they know the other person really well, and even then they do some background research and contemplate on the decision for a while. Abhimanyu on the other hand hastily decided to sell his shares, showing his desperate need for money.

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Anyone would’ve taken advantage of him in this situation. And that’s exactly what Kalyani did by making Vasundara her pawn. Samyuktha somehow gauged this to be a trap. She tried warning Abhimanyu as well. But Abhimanyu being the arrogant, egoistic person that he is, didn’t pay any heed to Samyuktha and decided to sell the shares without even consulting with Samyuktha.

A still from Pookalam Varavayi
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Embarrassment faced by Abhimanyu

And that wasn’t the first time Abhimanyu fell into a trap because he didn’t open up to Samyuktha. Previously, when he took Samyuktha’s bangle without permission to keep it as a mortgage for some cash, he had to face embarrassment as it wasn’t real gold. Instead of just taking it sneakily, if Abhimanyu would’ve asked for permission Samyuktha would’ve told him it wasn’t gold, saving him from the humiliation. Even before this, there have been multiple incidents where Abhimanyu’s hasty decisions have cost him a lot.

A still from Pookalam Varavayi
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Kalyanikutty’s evil plans

Meanwhile, Kalyani is constantly cooking up new plans to ruin Abhimanyu and Samyuktha’s life. She’s been creating new problems for everyone at Kalapurackal. This would leave Saptathi, Samyuktha, and Abhimanyu all running haywire in their attempt to find a solution. This is a situation where Abhimanyu needs to discuss his problems with Samyuktha, consider her opinions, and stay united.

A still from Pookalam Varavayi
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Samyuktha – Abhimanyu’s pillar of strength

Samyuktha is a very intelligent woman and she has proven this time and again. Her smartness and quick thinking have saved Abhimanyu and others multiple times. Moreover, she’s an empathetic human being and could truly become Abhimanyu’s support system in these dire times.

A still from Pookalam Varavayi
Source: ZEE5

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