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Pookalam Varavayi: Here’s why Abhi and Samyuktha’s visit to Parvathy’s house could cause Sharmila’s plan to fail

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March 2, 2021

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With Abhi and Samyuktha now with Parvathy, the chances of Sharmila’s plan failing are higher than ever.

In the latest episode of Pookalam Varavayi, we saw things get a bit more complicated as Sharmila made some more of her wicked moves in quick succession. We saw Jacintha find her way into Parvathy’s house and switch her medicines which will most definitely cause problems for her. Now, Abhimanyu and Samyuktha are forced to rush to meet Parvathy. Sharmila’s attempts to stop them go in vain as Abhi leads Samyuktha and heads straight to her home.

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Abhimanyu and Samyuktha were in chaos and were close to starting a fight yet again, thanks to the uninvited lawyer who finds his way to them. He informs them that the duo needs to go on a honeymoon based on a court order which seems highly skeptical. Sharmila overhears this and confirms the same with her lawyer. However, an even bigger plan was being cooked in the background.

Jacintha and Parvathy in Pookalam Varavayi
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Following Sharmila’s orders, Jacintha hits Parvathy with the car, goes home, and changes her medicines. The swapped medicines once consumed will affect Parvathy’s health and can even lead to her death. Sharmila’s evil plan was going on the right track until Jacintha decided to call Abhi to cover her tracks. A concerned Abhi gets Samyuktha and heads to Parvathy, causing tension to Sharmila.

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Now, two things could happen soon. Either Abhi or Samyuktha manages to find out what is happening and save Parvathy, or the duo could spend some time together in Parvathy’s company, leading way to patch up their differences once again. Either way, Sharmila will be at a loss and all her trials to either kill or get the duo divorced have been failing one after the other.

Abhimanyu and Samyukhta in Pookalam Varavayi
Source: ZEE5

If Abhi and Samyuktha decide to investigate the situation, it could lead straight to Jacintha’s act and hence Sharmila will be pulled too. However, if she manages to take their attention away from the same, it means that the duo will be with Parvathy the whole time and their togetherness during such a tough time could see them grow fond of each other again. As of now, all Sharmila can do is wait and watch what the couple does next.

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