Pookalam Varavayi: Here’s everything Abhi could do to make up for Samyuktha’s tampered birthday gift

As Abhi’s plan to win Samyuktha over by opening up about his feelings in ruined, here’s what he can do to solve the problems between them.

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January 23, 2021



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In the latest episode of Pookalam Varavayi, we saw Sharmila and Saudamini make yet another plan to get Samyuktha out of the house. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu, being the loving partner that he is, decides to surprise Samyuktha on her birthday by opening up about his feelings. He also gets a beautiful saree as a gift for her, along with a sweet love letter. However, the beautiful plan is all ruined as a wicked Saudamini spots it and tampers the gift.

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This is not the first time that Saudamini has tried to ruin a perfectly good moment between the couple. However, this time she is almost successful as Samyuktha is heartbroken to see the torn saree along with a letter filled with hateful words, without knowing that it was replaced by Saudamini. It was too sweet to watch a shy Abhi approach Samyuktha to gift her some love, which is all ruined now.

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Unaware of Saudamini’s act, the duo is in total discomfort with each other. Even though it wasn’t his fault, it is Abhimanyu’s job to make up for the ruined moment and he somewhat does it too, by surprising Samyuktha as he invites Parvathy and Yatheendran to the house. Samyuktha’s birthday is now made.

Samyuktha is overjoyed to see her parents at Kalapurackal. It all seems merry, as Abhi asks Parvathy to make a birthday sadya for all. Abhi sure knows how to win Samyuktha back, but the problem is not all solved. Until Samyuktha finds out about the replaced letter, she will remain sad. Now, Abhi has two ways to get out of this situation in which he is stuck involuntarily. Either he can keep up with the merry mood until Samyuktha starts doubting that something is wrong. This will lead her to confront Abhi about the letter, and that will solve all problems. Or, Abhi can add to the surprises and stun Samyuktha.

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Samyuktha is now in a dilemma as she doesn’t know what Abhi really feels. If Abhi continues with the surprises and gets Samyuktha something thoughtful, that will be the end of all doubts. We will have to wait and watch who among the duo first figures it out and resolve the misunderstanding. It is a waiting game until Samyuktha finds out how Abhi truly feels about her.

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