Pookalam Varavayi February 24 Written Update: Abhimanyu ousts Ashokan from the house 

Abhimanyu ousts Ashokan from the house. To know what happens next on Pookalam Varavayi, Watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!


February 23, 2021



3 min


In the previous episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Saudamini tries to cheat Harshan. She gets uneasy when her efforts fail. Harshan and Saptathi get romantic. Later, Abhimanyu eats the food that Parvathy brings. 

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In the latest episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Abhimanyu returns home. Sharmila and Saudamini wait for his arrival. Abhimanyu refuses the welcome that they offer. Sharmila tries to poison Abhimanyu’s mind. Samyuktha performs the ‘Arathi’ to welcome Abhimanyu. Saptathi locks horns with Saudamini when she tries to act smart. Ashokan watches Abhimanyu as he walks in. Ashokan meets his mother’s spirit again and speaks with her. Ashokan’s mother tells him to not argue or fight with Abhimanyu. Harshan comes to meet Abhimanyu and tells him about Ashokan. Abhimanyu gets angry on hearing Ashokan’s name. He decides to teach Ashokan a lesson and rushes upstairs and starts to bang on the door of Ashokan’s room. Everyone tries to stop Abhimanyu but he refuses to budge.

Ashokan’s mother’s spirit stops him from opening the door. Ashokan tells his mother that he is not a coward and that he will open the door. Ashokan walks up to his door and opens it. Abhimanyu gets upset on seeing Ashokan and starts hitting him before he can open his mouth. Abhimanyu trashes Ashokan. He ousts Ashokan from the house. Ashokan tells Abhimanyu that he will regret this decision. He asks Abhimanyu to do as he pleases but one day when he learns the truth only Ashokan will be there for him. Samyuktha gets upset when Abhimanyu behaves in the way he did. She tells Abhimanyu that Ashokan is the one who saved his life. She tells him that he has been helpful these few days. Samyuktha challenges Abhimanyu and tells him that he cannot separate the blood bond they share. Abhimanyu in his anger picks up a knife to release the blood that Ashokan donated from his body. Samyuktha stops him and pushes him away. Meanwhile, Parvathy challenges Sharmila and tells her that she cannot touch them anymore. She also adds that she will be staying here at Kalapurackal to take care of her children and their husbands. Parvathy hugs both her daughters.  

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