Pookalam Varavayi April 30 Wrritten Update: Abhimanyu takes the gold bangle

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In the previous episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Saptathi gets scared when Manoharan arrives at Kalapurackal for money. She removes her gold bangle and gives it to Manoharan. Later, Saptathi informs Abhimanyu about the same.

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In the latest episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Kalyani approaches Abhimanyu and questions him about his whereabouts. Abhimanyu tells Kalyani that he went to meet his friends. Later, when Saudamini questions Kalyani’s powers, she teaches Saudamini a lesson. Kalyani asks Samyuktha to follow Abhimanyu to the room and ask him who he went to meet. Samyuktha follows Kalyani’s instructions and asks Abhimanyu as advised. Abhimanyu tells Samyuktha that he had a lot of work. Samyuktha refuses to give up. She keeps asking Abhimanyu to share his load with her. Abhimanyu gets irked and leaves the room.  

Kalyani approaches Abhimanyu and tells him that Samyuktha is his wife and that he must answer her questions. Kalyani adds that there shouldn’t be a fight between them that doesn’t end in a day. Abhimanyu accepts Kalyani’s marital advise. Later, Samyuktha and Abhimanyu get into an argument. Abhimanyu communicates with Samyuktha in his heart. The next day, Samyuktha gets irritated when Abhimanyu takes long to step out of the shower. She closes the pipe from outside. Abhimanyu finds out about the same. Abhimanyu opens the pipe. Samyuktha gets in the shower by the time. Later, Abhimanyu spots Samyuktha’s bangle on the table. He picks it up and takes it to the goldsmith to pawn it. He realises that the gold is fake.

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