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Pookalam Varavayi: Although siblings, Kalyani and Saudamini are poles apart

Shrudi Shyam

April 14, 2021

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Kalapurackal’s Kalyani and Saudamini might be siblings, but there’s barely anything similar between them.

We’ve seen various kinds of characters on Pookalam Varavayi. Some of these characters are sweet and lovable, but there are some characters we can’t help but hate. One such character is Saudamini. Despite her quirky, funny antics, we can’t stop hating her for all that she does to ruin Samyuktha and Saptathi’s lives. However, her own younger sister, Kalyani is her complete opposite. She’s a loving woman who genuinely cares about the girls. Let’s take a look at Kalyani and Saudamini’s contrasting personalities.

Unlike Saudamini, Kalyani had a positive aura around her, right from the moment she entered Kalapurackal. She even got a pot filled with special clarified butter to help Samyuktha get pregnant. Kalyani also bonded with Saptathi and Parvathy and seemed to understand who were the right people to be with.

Kalyani, Saptathi and Samyuktha (Pookalam Varavayi)
Source: ZEE5

Saudamini on the other hand knows nothing about good company. In fact, she prefers staying with Sharmila and plotting evil schemes with her. Her selfishness never lets her genuinely bond with the girls at home. Recently, she was also seen trying to get Saptathi to have a miscarriage by giving her Papaya juice.

Saptathi and Saudamini (Pookalam Varavayi)
Source: ZEE5

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Saudamini doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings except her own and probably Sharmila’s. Even an unborn baby seems to be a threat to her as he/she will get a share in the property. But Kalyani isn’t like her. She just wants to spread love, unite people, and see them flourish. And this was clearly seen when Saudamini came to her with an offer and Kalyani scared her away.

Kalyani and Saudamini (Pookalam Varavayi)
Source: ZEE5

Kalyanikutty aka Achhama Kunjama has a pure heart and wishes to unite Abhimanyu and Samyuktha. That is why she made them take the vow and have the Neyy as well. Kalyani is also a very God-loving person who has completely devoted her life to God. She believes in the almighty and trusts in its power blindly.

Samyuktha, Kalyani and Abhimanyu (Pookalam Varavayi)
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Meanwhile, Saudamini doesn’t even seem to be scared of the almighty. She literally poisoned the special Neyy brought by Kalyani right in the temple of the house. And unlike Kalyani, she doesn’t want to unite Samyuktha and Abhimanyu but separate them.

Saudamini (Pookalam Varavayi)
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Even after Samyuktha’s vow getting broken, Kalyani dealt with the situation pretty maturely. And everyone knows about Saudamini’s immaturity without us having to say a thing. While Kalyani is busy making arrangements for Abhimanyu and Samyuktha’s remarriage, Saudamini was hiding the black money in Abhimanyu’s office to disrupt the wedding preparations.

Saudamini (Pookalam Varavayi)
Source: ZEE5

This is why we say that even though these two are connected by blood, their family is the only thing that’s they seem to share, and nothing else.

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