Pookalam Varavayi actor Mridhula Vijai’s pictures with her sweetheart Yuva Krishna are too adorable to miss

From sharing adorable selfies to sharing their engagement pictures, check out Pookalam Varavayi actress, Mridhula Vijai’s adorable posts with her beau Yuva Krishna.

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March 21, 2021


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Although Abhimanyu and Samyuktha started off hating each other, as the story progressed, the duo has now fallen head over heels in love. And now all the Pookalam Varavayi fans are waiting with bated breath for the day when Abhimanyu finally confesses his feeling to Samyuktha. While Samyuktha is happily married to Abhimanyu, did you know that actress Mridhula Vijai who essays the role, is engaged to the love of her life? Let’s check out some adorable pictures of these lovebirds.

Meanwhile, catch what’s happening on Pookalam Varavayi here:

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Missing scenes

The lovely Mridhula Vijai seems to be in a gloomy mood as she misses her beau, Yuva Krishna. She shared this cutesy selfie calling him her “Ettoii”.

Trial run or wedding trials?

As most of the fans already know, Mridhula Vijai and Yuva Krishna have been engaged for a while now. Seems like the actors are now making preparations for their wedding, with costume trials on the way. Yuva shared this picture while calling it a “Trial run”.

Romantic hero

Mridhula Vijai may be the queen of hearts, but the one who captured her heart is the lucky guy in this picture. Mridhula wished him on Valentine’s Day and called him her “Romantic hero”.

Cutesy love

Don’t they look adorable in this picture? Yuva states that Mridhula will always be his “cutie pie” as the couple poses for this lovely picture.

Foodie couple

The couple who eats together definitely stays together. According to the caption, just as Mridhula and Yuva stepped outside the temple, they felt a pang of hunger and immediately rushed to have some food.

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A caring massage

Love is conveyed from the way we care for a person. And Yuva is definitely showing his care as he gently gives Mridhula a soothing head massage.

Engagement throwback

Yuva shared this picture on his Instagram profile, calling this moment “Awesome”. The couple looks extremely happy as they embark on this new journey.

Love is in the eyes

A blushing Mridhula seems to be mesmerised by Yuva’s eyes as she shares this lovely picture with the caption, “I can’t look at your eyes unnietta”.


We knew Samyuktha was a troublemaker, but what we didn’t know is that Mridhula is the same. In this picture, Yuva says that she’s like a mischievous child calling her his “Kuttikurumbi”.

A year to look forward to

Seems like Mridhula is hinting at something. She captioned this post by saying, “This year will be gonna very special to us”. Does this mean we can hear some wedding bells in the near future?

While we loved these adorable pictures of Mridhula and Yuva, we can’t wait to see how Abhi and Samyuktha’s story progresses in Pookalam Varavayi.

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