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Pookalam Varavayi: 5 times Sharmila and Saudamini’s evil plans got spoilt!

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May 2, 2021

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The people at Kalapurackal have never really felt safe in Sharmila and Saudamini’s presence. However, the duo seems to fail more than they succeed and we love to watch them fail.

Fans of Pookalam Varavayi, are sure by now that no plans of Saudamini will ever see victory. However, she cannot be left unnoticed as she could be a bit venomous when with her partner in crime, Sharmila. Sharing evil interests, the duo, though not the smartest, makes for a great villain team. Motivated by the hatred and anger against their family members, the duo isn’t afraid to go as far as trying to kill them off. However, they often fall short of their plans, even making fools out of themselves.

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The time they tried to sabotage the Puja

Remember when Samyuktha was carrying on some rituals at a temple and the evil Sharmila-Saudamini took it as the perfect opportunity for them to attack her? First, the duo found a way to convince everyone to make Samyuktha do the ritual of rolling on the temple floor under the scorching sun. However, Abhi came to her rescue by watering the floor for her. Having failed, the duo tried to add a lot of salt to Samyuktha’s prasad which would make her spit it all out, hence failing the ritual. To their surprise, Abhi had already switched the plates and it was indeed fun to watch Saudamini eat the salty Prasad.

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When they tried to kill Sapthathi with the firecracker

Vishu celebrations were on when the duo got yet another idea to execute another evil plan of theirs. Now that Saptathi was becoming a major threat, they decided that she must go. In an extreme call, the duo decided to kill her off by a firecracker blast accident. However, the plan backfired immediately as Abhi and Harshan made Saudamini light it. Making a fool out of them, the two brothers of the Kalapurackal family saved Sapthathi.

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When the duo hid the money

Although most of the duo’s plans were pointless, there were a few plans that could have actually worked. For instance, the duo almost pulled off the perfect setup by stealing the Rs 10 lakh Abhimanyu had got from the loan. In an attempt to humiliate Parvathy and spoil their plans for Abhimanyu and Samyuktha’s remarriage, Saudamini hid this in her bag and acted smart. Luckily, Samyuktha spotted the money just in time and saved the day.

Samyuktha (Pookalam Varavayi)
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When they tried to poison Parvathy

The duo seemed to get a bit serious in their planning to kill off Parvathy. It was indeed a flawless plan. The duo called up Jacintha and made her switch Parvathy’s medicines so that she would simply pass away in her sleep without arising any doubts. However, the backfire was so monumental that instead of destroying their enemies, it actually turned a positive result. Having known about the accident setup by Jacintha, Abhi and Samyuktha rushed to Parvathy’s house and spend a couple of days there looking after her. During the time, the couple got a bit closer to each other and ultimately made Parvathy happier than ever.

Sharmila and Saudamini (Pookalam Varavayi)
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The time Saudamini spilled oil

Having convinced Sharmila that she got the situation covered, Saudamini chose to use one of the oldest tricks in the book to cause havoc. She decided to spill some oil in Abhi’s room so that he falls and hurts himself, and blames Samyuktha for it. The plan seemed good on paper but not in reality. Abhi fell as planned, only to be saved by Samyuktha. However, things only got worse as Saudamini slipped in the oil herself and sustained a hip injury.

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