Pookalam Varavayi: 5 times Samyuktha stole our hearts with her charm

As Pookalam Varavayi completes 400 episodes, we remember the 5 times Samyuktha stole our hearts with her charm.

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January 3, 2021



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As Pookalam Varavayi completes 400 episodes, we are happily looking forward to Samyuktha completing the rituals and winning over Saudamini’s crooked plans yet again. With all the love and help from Abhimanyu, Samyuktha is bound to finish the rituals successfully and put a smile on all our faces. Even at her worst, we are left charmed by Samyuktha’s attitude. She never broke under pressure and easily took on all challenges put forward, proving time and time again why she is the best. At this special occasion let’s celebrate her by remembering all the good times Samyuktha has given us. Here are 5 times Samyuktha stole our hearts with her charm.

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Queen of Abhi’s Heart

Samyuktha blushes at Abhi’s thoughts (Credit: ZEE5)

In one of the cutest scenes, Abhimanyu reminds us of how deep he has fallen for Samyuktha. Abhimanyu, who is busy with his morning exercise spots Samyuktha on the balcony and he can’t take his eyes of her. Samyuktha acknowledges this and decides to have a little fun. She starts a conversation as if she could read what is on Abhimanyu’s mind and the couple’s conversation is sure to make anyone blush. Samyuktha is thrown off by Abhi’s love for her and her blushed face says it all.

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A Beautiful Saadhvi

Samyuktha takes role of a Saadhvi (Credit: ZEE5)

Following a series of bad events, Samyuktha decides to take matters into her own hands and in what is a surprise to everyone, she dons the role of a Saadhvi. She comes home wearing saffron and covered in garlands and rudraksha, and it is an iconic sight to watch. Even in a simple Saadhvi’s look, Samyuktha maintains her composure and charm. It is hard to not notice how well she masters the simplest of looks.

Acing a Proposal

We are bound to fall for the perfect couple that Abhimanyu and Samyuktha make for. It is evident all the more in the scene where Abhimanyu races to Samyuktha’s work desk to tell her that he loves her. Shocked by Abhi’s move, Samyuktha is lost for words but quickly replies with a charming smile. The duo sharing a laugh implies how well they fit into each other. We can’t take our eyes off Samyuktha’s smile at that moment.

A Caring Friend

Samyuktha makes plans with Sruthi (Credit: ZEE5)

Sruthi and Samyuktha make a great duo and there’s no doubt about it. Sruthi being a good friend and helping out Samyuktha in her plans is fulfilling to watch. However, Samyuktha never takes advantage of Sruthi’s position and this shows how good a friend she is. It is indeed a good sight to watch Samyuktha explain her plans to Sruthi and watch the duo share a chuckle and some heartfelt conversations.

Smile Through the Toughest Times

Most recently, Samyuktha stole our hearts yet again when she remembered to smile even at the toughest of challenges. After completing the tough set of rituals thrown at her by Saudamini, Samyuktha realises that it’s all good as long as Abhimanyu supports her while she tries. This realisation makes way for Samyuktha to smile and let us know that she is capable of facing any obstacle thrown at her and she never backs down.

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