Pookalam Varavayi 19 November 2020 Written Update: Samyuktha wakes up from the nightmare

Samyuktha wakes up from the nightmare. To know what happens next on Pookalam Varavayi, Watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!


November 18, 2020



2 min


In the previous episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Avanthika arrives at Kalapurackal. Meanwhile, Samyuktha and Saptathi bump into Parvathy and Yatheendran at the temple. Later, Parvathy suffers a heart attack and falls on the ground.

 Watch what will happen next on Pookalam Varavayi

In the latest episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Samyuktha wakes up. Samyuktha has a nightmare about Parvathy dying of a heart attack. She wakes up all scared and rushes to meet Parvathy. Abhimanyu drops Samyuktha at her parents house and tells them that he needs to leave. Samyuktha doesn’t stop Abhimanyu. Yatheendran asks Abhimanyu to stay, but Abhimanyu leaves without a word. Samyuktha feels happy that she was able to meet Parvathy. She tells Parvathy that she had a bad dream. Parvathy tells Samyuktha that dreams are the teasers of what is to come. Samyuktha is disheartened by her words. She asks Parvathy to prepare some milk porridge for her and feed her with her own hands. Parvathy prepares porridge for her. 

Yatheendran finds Abhimanyu sleeping in the car in the morning. He wakes Abhimanyu and asks him to come inside the house. Abhimanyu tells him that he has come to take Samyuktha back home. Yatheendran tells Samyuktha to go with Abhimanyu. Samyuktha refuses to go home with Abhimanyu. Yatheendran scolds Samyuktha for disobeying him. Further, Samyuktha tells Abhimanyu that she wants to stay with her parents for two days. Abhimanyu agrees and decides to leave, but Yatheendran asks Samyuktha to go with Abhimanyu. Samyuktha leaves with Abhimanyu. Parvathy prays for them. Meanwhile, Saptathi gets proposals for Avanthika. Avanthika refuses to get married and tells Saptathi that she is already married to Harshan in her mind. Saptathi challenges Avanthika.

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