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Pookalam Varavayi 14 August 2020 Written Update: Will Parvathy learn about Samyuktha’s divorce from Sharath?

Tom Francis

August 13, 2020

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On the fun episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Abhimanyu falls for Samyuktha’s drama as she pretends to stay hungry.

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On the upcoming episode of the Malayalam serial Pookalam Varavayi, Parvathy leaves after meeting Sharath as she gets late to go to the store. Samvrutha yells at Sharath for talking to Parvathy and hanging out around her house. Samvurtha also worries whether Sharath disclosed the details of the divorce papers to Parvathy. Do you think Samvrutha will give Sharath the files back? Watch the latest episode of Pookalam Varavayi to find out!

Ramakrishnan irritates Abhimanyu (source:ZEE5)
Ramakrishnan irritates Abhimanyu (Source:ZEE5)

Back at the office, Abhimanyu gets irritated by Ramakrishnan’s questions about Samyuktha’s absence. As Abhimanyu leaves, Ramakrishnan figures out that the couple must have had another fight. Later on, Sruthi meets Abhimanyu and consoles him as he is feeling a headache from thinking about Samyuktha. Watch Pookalam Varavayi’s episode before TV to learn more about Abhimanyu’s conversation with Sruthi!

At Abhimanyu’s house, Sharmilla and Avantika sit for lunch after discussing their next plan against Samyuktha. Sharmilla orders for Saptathi to serve the food which irritates the latter. Saptathi lashes out at Sharmilla for acting like her boss and also tells her that she knows about her evil plans. Watch Pookalam Varavayi’s episode before TV to see this fun scene from Sharmilla and Saptathi.

Saptathi gives a befitting reply to Avantika and Sharmilla (source:ZEE5)
Saptathi gives a befitting reply to Avantika and Sharmilla (Source: ZEE5)

Avantika and Sharmilla feel humiliated when Saptathi asks them to try and work in the kitchen once in a while. Sharmilla continues to eat her food despite Avantika’s constant cribbing about Saptathi’s arrogance. Later on, Sharmilla notices that a delivery boy has arrived with food from a restaurant and tries to snatch the parcel.

Samyuktha is quick to arrive at the scene to take the parcel from the delivery boy. Samyuktha tells Saptathi that she is going to have her lunch no matter what. Do you think Abhimanyu will find out that Samyuktha is having her food?

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