Pookalam Varavayi 13 November 2020 Written Update: Sruthi apologises to Samyuktha

Sruthi apologises to Samyuktha. To know what happens next on Pookalam Varavayi, Watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!


November 12, 2020



3 min


In the previous episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Abhimanyu gets worried when Samyuktha catches the flu. Harshan summons a doctor to examine her. Harshan stops Abhimanyu when he gets ready to leave for office to win the task and prove Indrajit wrong.


Watch what will happen next on Pookalam Varavayi

In the latest episode of Pookalam Varavayi, Abhimanyu gets worried when Samyuktha falls sick. Abhimanyu goes to the office but feels restless. The manager criticises Abhimanyu for coming to the office. He tells Abhimanyu that he should have stayed home and taken care of Samyukthad. Meanwhile, Sruthi meets Samyuktha and tells her the truth about the whole incident. Samyuktha is stunned on learning about the same. Sruthi also shares all the details of her conversation with Abhimanyu with Samyuktha. She confides in Samyuktha and tells her that the task was her idea. Sruthi also states that she has an agreement with Abhimanyu to keep their conversation a secret. Later, she apologises to Samyuktha for everything. Samyuktha consoles Sruthi and tells her that she did a good thing. Saudamini overhears their conversation. She goes to the kitchen and tells Saptathi that Samyuktha is calling her. Saptathi is shocked when she enters the room and spots Samyuktha leaning on Indrajit’s shoulder.

Indrajit gets uneasy on seeing Saptathi, and she gives her a stern look. Sruthi realises that it was Saudamini’s idea to send Saptathi to the room. She decides to teach Saudamini a lesson. Saptathi tells Indrajit to behave himself and not get involved with Samyuktha. She adds that Samyuktha is married and asks Indrajit to keep his boundaries. Sruthi thinks of revealing her identity to Saptathi, but then hesitates. Saptathi criticises Indrajit’s actions and tells him that this is not Paris. Indrajit assures Saptathi that he has brotherly feelings towards Samyuktha.  

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