Poll: Desho Or Simple, Whose Pair With Arman Makes For A Better Jodi?

Who does Arman Arora from Khasma Nu Khani look best with? Wife Deshpreet or girlfriend Simple Sharma? Vote inside!


April 22, 2020


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Love, betrayal, and deceit in the Punjabi TV serial Khasma Nu Khani has given us three prominent faces — Navdeesh Arora, Harsimran Oberoi and Sukhpreet Tehran. In 55 episodes, the Zee Punjabi serial has manged to capture viewers’ imaginations, thanks to these actors wearing their characters like a second skin.

Watch a heartbreaking episode of Khasma Nu Khani here:

As you know, the basic premise of this Punjabi serial revolves around a perfect homemaker Deshpreet (Harsimran), her disloyal husband, Arman Arora (Navdeesh) and Arman’s girlfriend, Simple (Sukhpreet). The serial begins with Arman’s parents meeting Deshpreet’s parents to fix their wedding. Arman and Desho meet up for the first time and they look charming and sweet. Right from the first frame of Desho, you can guess that she is well acquainted with household chores and she can bring balance into Arman’s life.

Harsimran Oberoi as Deshpreet (Source: ZEE5)

Arman and Desho are married and blessed with a kid, Purab (Shreeansh Sharma). With time, the relationship between Arman and Desho sees some drastic changes. Now Arman doesn’t find Desho sweet. When Desho tries to show her love or care, Arman endures it with a long-suffering air. Desho’s care, her lifestyle, her simplicity irks Arman to such extent that he hates her very presence. But what’s the reason? The reason is simple… Simple Sharma.

Simple uses Arman as stepping stone
Sukhpreet Trehan and Navdeesh Arora as Simple and Arman (Source: ZEE5)

Simple and Arman work at the same place. Simple knows that Arman is married, but she likes him. even Arman finds a solution to his loneliness in Simple. He tries to keep her happy by any means, and makes her a priority in his life. Arman gives Simple precious stones and other expensive gifts. Simple accepts them but she also has eyes on something else at the same time. When Simple finds out that Arman’s house is named after Desho, she convinces Arman to fool Desho and have it changed. As a result, when Desho finds out about Arman and Simple’s affair, she decides to leave the house with Purab. Arman moves Simple into the house.

navdesh_arora, harsimran_oberoi
Navdeesh Arora and Harsimran Oberoi as Arman and Desho (Source: ZEE5)

Now, we are asking your opinion about the pair that looks best. So whose pair with Arman do you like? Desho or Simple? Which pair do you think looks nice on-screen? Whose chemistry with Arman is better? Take the poll below and let us know.

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