Political War Breaks Out Over the Donation Drive for Ram Mandir

HD Kumaraswamy’s claims about being threatened by RSS to contribute to the Ram Mandir donation drive have escalated to a new controversy.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

February 19, 2021

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The donation drive for the construction of the Ram Mandir has now resulted in a huge controversy involving two politicians of Karnataka. Two former Chief Ministers of the state, Siddaramaiah and HD Kumaraswamy, have both contributed to the development of a rather controversial aspect to the Ram Mandir donation drive. Claims are that people are being singled out for not paying money for the drive and that threats have been made to people for the same.

Watch the video here to know more about the controversy:

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Recently HD Kumaraswamy made a very controversial claim about the donation drive for Ram Mandir. The former Chief Minister claimed that around three to four people arrived at his place and threatened him to make the donation. They questioned him as to why he was not willing to pay and asked him to hand the money over to them, stating that the temple’s construction was a massive matter for our nation. While HD Kumaraswamy, who has already targetted the donation drive before, has made such claims, he has not presented any solid proof to back it yet. HD Kumaraswamy had also claimed that the people who were not contributing to it were being singled out and that their names were being noted down. He said that their houses were also being marked on the same basis.

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While HD Kumaraswamy may not have provided any proof to support his claim about being threatened to donate for the temple’s construction, videos of stickers on people’s doors have surfaced. Referring to the matter, HD Kumaraswamy said RSS is doing the same thing as what the Nazis did in Germany once. On the other hand, another former Chief Minister of the state, Siddaramaiah, declare that he was willing to make his contributions to other temples, but not for Ram Mandir as it is being constructed at a highly disputed site.

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