Police Lathi-Charge Leftist Youth Wing In Kolkata

Watch the video where Police lathi-charged protesters of the Leftist Youth Wing in Kolkata.

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February 14, 2021

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On Thursday, members of many Leftist parties were lathi-charged by the police in Kolkata.  The party workers took to the streets of Kolkata to protest against many issues, including the lack of job opportunities. The protesters were marching towards the West Bengal secretariat when they clashed with the police. The police used heavy water cannons as well as lathi charged to disperse the crowd.

Take a look at the clash between the youth wing workers and the police:

The protesters belonged to many leftist parties including the youth wing of CPI(M) and Democratic Youth Federation of India. Many students were injured during the lathi charge and had called for a 12-hour strike on Friday.

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The Left Front had been in power for nearly three decades in West Bengal, but the last decade has been less fortunate for them. But it looks like the left is gearing up to provide strong competition to the others in the race.

As the election draws near, West Bengal is getting more and more embroiled in politics. Trinomool Congress (TMC) and Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) are at loggerhead for the 2021 Legislative Assembly election of West Bengal. There has been a huge conflict between TMC and BJP this year as many prominent leaders of the reigning party have joined hands with BJP.

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