Polar Silk Road: China Eyes Strategic Implications On Future Waterway

Amid tensions in South China, study has said China has shown the “most interest” in emerging sea routes as climate change melts ice in the Arctic Ocean.

Jessica David

September 24, 2020

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As the world is concerned about the climate change in Arctic ice melt, there is one nation which is rejoicing in this rather worrying phenomenon – China. According to a research paper that has been published, China appears to be aggressively eyeing the new sea route created by the rapid ice melt in the Arctic. Now, connecting the Atlantic with the Pacific Oceans, the transpolar sea route will cut across the centre of the Arctic Ocean and will also pass very close to the North Pole. The Chinese officials, according to the research paper, are paying attention to the strategic implications of this future waterway.

More than any other nation on the globe, in fact, China has made it deliberately clear of its intention to expand in the Arctic. A white paper released by Beijing in early 2018 has called for the Arctic to be transformed into a Polar Silk Road. Highlighting Beijing’s plan to integrate this route into its controversial Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The BRI is China’s trade and investment network connecting Asia to Europe with China at its centre. But there are also growing concerns about China’s activities in the resource rich region and its description in itself is a near Arctic state.

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