Plain Weekends? Make It Enthralling With Raahu Ft. Kriti Garg And AbeRaam Varma On ZEE5

Sneha Bale

May 16, 2020


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A new concept

Raahu translates to an eclipse, which causes when the moon’s shadow falls over Earth’s surface. In terms of time, it is a concept which is considered inauspicious. Because it is related to one of the nine astronomical bodies or the Navagraha named Raahu. It is a representation of the shadow entity. Filmmaker Subbu Veddula uses these concepts and weaves them into his film, Raahu.

Watch the trailer here:

Hysterical blindness

The moon’s shadow or overlapping darkness that we see on our planet is depicted rather intelligently in the film. The protagonist, Bhanu, is a person who suffers from conversion disorder. She stresses out upon seeing blood and it causes her to turn temporarily blind.

A gruesome kidnapping

The inauspicious timing related to the title of the film is depicted in an untimely and unruly kidnapping that takes place. Bhanu is picked up by two men who probably aimed to catch hold of someone else. As she tries her to save herself, the things around her go darker and darker.

A sweet love track

Amidst all the ghastly events, the protagonist finds some peace and happiness in her love interest. The songs, too, are delightful and catchy.


Well-known Tollywood comedians play the role of kidnappers in the film. Through the trailer, it is clear that their chemistry is just what one needs to stay afloat in an otherwise gripping thriller.

Watch Raahu on ZEE5, releasing on May 16, 2020.

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