Phulpakhru: Will Tanya Be Able To Get Over Sameer?

Thankfully Tanya has Vaidehi for her rescue.

Manjiri Shete

August 2, 2019


2 min


In Phulpakhru’s recent episode, we saw Tanya confess to Vaidehi that in Sameer’s absence her life doesn’t feel whole. She is crying her heart to Vaidehi who was helplessly listening to her. After Sameer broke up with her and deleted her number, Tanya has to face the consequences of his actions. She had imagined getting married to him one day after being in a relationship for the longest time. However, her dreams shattered into pieces as Sameer let her go and continued his casanova ways. Do you think Tanya will ever be able to trust anyone after her broken relationship with Sameer?

Watch an episode of Phulapkhru below:

Sameer and Tanya’s breakup in Phulpakhru was the harshest incident until now. Tanya spotted Sameer holding Revati’s hand and slapped him. He retaliated by screaming at her and deleting her out of his life. But, he didn’t realise that it isn’t as easy to forget someone as it is to delete their number. Along with Sameer, even Manas has abandoned her. Since then, Tanya has been low. She is heavily depending on Vaidehi’s support towards her. This makes us wonder if Tanya will ever be able to forget Sameer. Because it is always hard to let go of the memories of your first relationship.

We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping to see Tanya in a better place than this. She needs to know that she deserves better than a womaniser like Sameer. After reading this, what do you think about Tanya’s condition? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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