Phulpakhru 8 May 2019 Written Update Episode: Vaidehi Comes To Know About Unknown Caller

Tanya and Vaidehi plan to call back the unknown caller and get to know that he works for RS Construction.

Ashutosh Oak

May 8, 2019


3 min


In the previous episode of Phulpakhru, Manas goes inside Revati’s cabin after receiving the phone call. Everyone at RBK is tensed about how Revati will react to Manas’ action. In the cabin, Revati tells how important the company is for her and asks Manas to not to disappoint her. She then tells him about the rules and regulations and tells him how she has dedicated herself to the company.

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In tonight’s episode, Shubham is seen talking to two people who are from Vaidehi’s office. He tells them if any mistake happens at their end then he won’t forgive them as Vaidehi does. After both the employee’s leave from his office, he tells a person over a phone call to keep an eye on both of them. At home, Vaidehi again gets a blank call from the unknown caller. Tanya sees Vaidehi tensed and asks her about it. She tells Tanya that it is happening from the last few months.

At RBK, Revati forces Manas to create a poem as soon as possible but he tells her that it won’t be possible while she is sitting in front of him. He then tells Revati to go and sit inside her cabin so that he can ideate in a better way. Revati agrees to it and goes inside her cabin. Manas then asks everyone to help him create the poem and starts practising.

Later that day, Shubham tells his subordinate Vinod to call Vaidehi and give her a blank call the way he has been doing it till now. When Vinod is about to call Vaidehi, he gets a call from a lady who is talking to him in a sensuous voice. She tries to strike a conversation and is successful in doing so. We later come to know that it is none other than Tanya who has decided to call back using a different number.

Tanya asks him his name and his profession and Vinod who is unknown of the caller, tells everything. While talking to Vinod, Vaidehi and Tanya come to know that he works as a supervisor in RS Construction. Hearing this, Vaidehi gets shocked and calls Shubham and tells him that she wants to meet him now.

Will Vaidehi call the police? Keep watching to know more.

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