PETA Targets Hindu Festivals Under The Garb Of Animal Rights?

PETA started a recent campaign asking people to go leather-free this Raksha Bandhan.

Jessica David

July 21, 2020

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PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is in the midst of a controversy after it has been alleged that it has targetted Hindu festivals under the pretext of a its new leather-free campaign. Recently, PETA India posted about Raksha Bandhan and also installed hoardings at some places, in which people were appealed to celebrate the festival in such a way that cow skin is not used in it, since which the matter is disputed. On Saturday (July 18), PETA started a targeted campaign against noted columnist and author Shefali Vaidya after she asked it to stop selective outrage on Hindu festivals. Vaidya and PETA India engaged in a virtual exchange of words battle on Twitter, following which the animal rights organisation started the campaign against her.

The context of the heated debate was a recent campaign by PETA, featuring a cow, where the animal rights activists had asked people to “go leather-free this Raksha Bandhan,” which left many social media users scratching their heads. Dr David Frawley, an American Hindu Acharya and a Hindutva activist also tweeted about the issue saying, “PETA has long targetted Hindu festivals but excused Islamic animal slaughter. Suggests a hidden political and religious agenda.”

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