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Paurashpur’s Art Director Nitin Desai Elaborates On What Went Into The Making Of The Show’s Magnificent Sets

Simren Rodrigues

December 14, 2020

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Nitin Chandrakant Desai elaborates on what went into the making of Paurashpur’s magnificent sets. He took to his Instagram account to give a glimpse of his marvellous artwork.

ZEE5 Original Paurashpur has been stirring a wave of excitement among fans who can’t wait for its release. The dramatic web series is a-period drama and has an amazing star cast. The show’s teaser received a thumbs up from audiences. And while the premise looks promising, let’s not ignore the detailing of its production value. Famous art director Nitin Chandrakant Desai has designed the sets for this magnum opus and he’s willing to take us on a journey of the same.

Haven’t watched the teaser? Find it below:

Where was Paurashpur shot?

The video begins with us getting an introduction of the royal palace of Paurashpur. When asked to describe Paurashpur, Nitin said that it is a place where everything is magnificent and beautiful. He later described the process of building this magnificent palace by revealing that he used around 1 crore glass pieces and placed them at different angles with different techniques like convex and concave to get the desired result. The process was carried out by 250 people and took around 6 months.

The director also spoke about the different challenges he faced while designing Paurashpur’s magnificent sets. One look at the trailer and you are convinced that Paurashpur is real and the credit for which should go to Nitin and his team. The art director recently took to his Instagram account to share a glimpse of his hard work. His captioned it as, “Thank you for the love and appreciation. When the lust for power becomes uncontrollable, rebels are born and history is made! Women rise and fight for their rights!”

Find the Instagram post below.

Are you excited for the show? Paurashpur premieres on ZEE5 on December 29.

For more updates on the show and entertainment news, stay tuned to ZEE5.

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