Paurashpur: 5 Reasons Why We Believe The ZEE5 Series Will End This Year With A Bang

Paurashpur is a new series premiering on ZEE5 on December 29, 2020. Here are the reasons why we think it will end this year with a bang

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December 25, 2020



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2020 has almost come to an end but before it does, we are going to witness one of the biggest web series in the India digital space – Paurashpur. Set in medieval India, this series revolves around a patriarchal kingdom, ruled by a misogynist king. With a show being made on such a grand scale, here are few reasons why we think Paurashpur will end the year with a bang!

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Period drama on a grand scale

This is a genre that almost everyone has come to love since it sets up a new theme and gives a fresh feeling to the entertainment industry. Paurashpur is a period drama set on a  very grand scale. The story is of a kingdom situated in medieval India. Needless to say, it will have grand sets and themes, which will be worth all the hype.


Women-centric show

The series is about a misogynist king and how one of his queens, is brave enough to take up the charge and retaliate against him. What follows next is a lot of action and the aim to overthrow the patriarchy. The series may draw parallels from the modern world since the theme is relatable to this day.

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Amazing star cast

The series has a great star cast. It stars the established actor Annu Kapoor as the evil, misogynist king. Shilpa Shinde plays the role of the brave queen, and amazingly so. Milind Soman also has a very integral role. He plays the role of a third gender person, named Boris, who also dares to take a stand against the king and gives great action sequences. Shaheer Sheikh and Poulomi Das also play prominent roles that bring a revolution to the kingdom.


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Grand costumes and sets

Since it is a period drama, everything, from sets to costumes, to make-up has to be designed intricately. And Paurashpur seems to have achieved that perfectly. The sets are beautiful and they look like chapters out of our history books. Also, the costumes of the characters depict that era aptly.


Action sequences

Paurashpur will have tons of action sequences. Considering it’s a period drama, warriors from an era, clashing swords and slashing throats, are always exhilarating to watch.


Paurashpur premiers on ZEE5 on December 29, 2020.

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