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Paurashpur: Ranveer-Kala’s Romantic Scenes That’ll Make You Believe In True Love

Vatsal Thakore

January 25, 2021

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A look at Ranveer and Kala’s romantic moments from Paurashpur that will reinstate your faith in love all over again.

Historical fiction about lust, politics, and patriarchy, Paurashpur is the first of its kind show on an Indian OTT platform. From a conspiring queen to a sadist king, the show has some really interesting characters. Two of the characters from the show, who are love birds, are Prince Ranveer and the handmaiden Kala, played by Poulomi Das. Scenes of their romance in the show are beautiful and lovely.

Ranveer is a gentle prince, who does not like wielding a sword. He prefers holding a paintbrush and letting his imagination make wonders on the canvas. But every artist has a muse and Ranveer’s muse is Kala. Pretty cool, how her name literally means art, isn’t it? Kala is not only Ranveer’s muse but also the love of his life.

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In the first episode, they share a really romantic scene, where Ranveer is painting Kala. They share flirtatious and fun moments in their relationship, too. Ranveer says to Kala here, “I don’t know much about love. But when you’re with me, all my searching comes to an end.”

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When Kala is tricked into marrying Bhadrapratap, she gets separated from Ranveer. After separation when they meet again, Kala is sad about the new relations. Ranveer tries to comfort her, by saying, “Hum shareer se nahi, aatma se jude hain,” meaning, ‘We are not bonded physically, we are bonded by our souls.’

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Their love is tested again during their separation. When Ranveer is feeling alone, his sister-in-law, Kusumlata, offers herself to him. But as Ranveer had said, he is bonded with Kala by his soul, he dismisses Kusumlata’s advances. Also, when Kala, despite being rescued, is feeling stranded in Boris’ place, all she wishes to do is meet Ranveer. Even in the toughest of times, Kala and Ranveer had their love for each other.

Although in the last episode, Kala was upset with Ranveer because he never wielded a sword even for her, Ranveer still had the same love for her. Kala got upset with him that he did not try to rescue his love. Ranveer had no answer for her but was completely shattered when Kala left upset. However, seeing that Ranveer and Kala are soulmates, bonded by more than just worldly relations, their love may blossom again. Their love may pass the test of time and they may reunite in the coming season. We believe Ranveer’s true feelings and his devotion towards Kala will eventually bring them back together.

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