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Parth Samthaan, Ankit Gupta And Other TV Actors Who Are The Most Eligible Bachelors


September 23, 2021

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We know how TV stars make our hearts beat faster every time we watch them on TV. Here are the most eligible Bachelors of TV. Many shows have these handsome hunks getting our hearts on fire

We have had our favourites on TV. Some men have been good with being attractive and stealing our hearts. Many shows have these handsome hunks getting our hearts on fire. Here are they–


1. Parth Samthaan


Parth has been a heartthrob for my girls with his role in Kaisi yeh Yaariyan, a show for the youth. With his role of Manik Malhotra, he charmed his way through everyone’s hearts and became a permanent favourite. He’s also playing the role of Anurag Basu in the remake of a popular 90s soap opera. He’s been single for a long time, and who knows a lucky lady could be his princess charming? Girls, just slide into his DMs ready.


2. Ankit Gupta


With the body and looks of a Greek God, Ankit Gupta is one of the sexiest men in the TV industry and has been one of our favourite bachelors. He seems to be a very private person through his social media and is reportedly single. Ankit made his way through the role of Parth in the snow Sadda Haq and also stars in Udariyaan as Fateh Singh. He’s out of the world looks makes a girl swoon. He posts reels with his Co-stars, which show that he is currently dating his work and is a diligent actor.


3. Siddhant Karnick


Siddhant Karnik showed off his Vampire charm in Pyaar Ki Ye Ekk Kahaani with his role as Siddharth. The actor has a bad boy image because of his role of being sexy and sarcastic. His smart looks and rock hard abs have made him a sensation with the girls. He has an avid social media presence and is active on social media showing off his great personality. He is single and has not dated in a while, says the actor himself.


These are our favourites in the world of Bachelors on TV. We know you might have your favourites as well. Do tell us if these are your favourites and about the actors whom you think are great too.

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