Parchhayee: Ghost Stories By Ruskin Bond – A Complete Review Of The Episodes So Far

Aayushi Sharma

March 11, 2019


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Episode 1 - The Ghost In The Garden

Do you like watching the most bone-chilling horror stories? Well, hello and welcome because we may have something for you! ZEE5 Original Parchhayee: Ghost Stories by Ruskin Bond brings to life such terrifying and spine-tingling tales by the celebrated author Ruskin Bond. Rest assured these incidents are synonymous with nightmares. Don’t believe us? Check out a glimpse for yourself here:

Ever since it premiered on ZEE5, four episodes from Parchhayee have been released so far. Although we feel the series should be on your weekend binge bucket for sure, check out a quick summary of the episodes and decide for yourselves!

The first episode in the series is The Ghost in the Garden. It traces the story of Rose who keeps strolling in the garden, loves to dance around and even wanders about in the woods. However, kids are being kidnapped mysteriously. Does Rose have anything to do with these disappearances? Are these occurrences paranormal or an act of vicious minds? Watch the episode here to unravel the mystery!

Episode 2 - The Wind On Haunted Hill

Episode two of Parchhayee is The Wind on Haunted Hill. This one is the story of a 12-year-old girl Usha who gets caught in a heavy downpour and howling wind while returning from the market. The climatic condition forces her to seek shelter in the ruins. The elder sister doesn’t know that her younger siblings are in the ruins and they don’t know she is there. These little ones see ghostly figures every time lightning illuminates the dark interiors of the ruins.

Is it their mind playing tricks or do they have company? Catch the second episode here on ZEE5 to find out!

Episode 3 - The Overcoat

The Overcoat is the third episode in the Parchhayee series. Packed with all the spooky elements and enough thrill to keep you on the edge of your seat, the third chapter imbibes a certain romantic angle too. The UK returned Nick attends a party with his old friends where he meets Julie, who is enjoying her own company in a corner. Actors Raima Sen (of Pahuna fame) and Sajjad Delafrooz (seen in Tiger Zinda Hai film) play Julie and Nick respectively.

Later that night, Nick and Julie take a stroll in the snowy, frosty surroundings. A gentleman that he is, Nick offers Julie his ‘overcoat’ and asks her to return it to him the next morning. But will Nick and Julie meet again? The mystery unfolds only on ZEE5!

Episode 4 - Wilson's Bridge

The latest episode is Wilson’s Bridge. 150 years ago, Wilson married a beautiful girl Gulabi, who later committed suicide. People of that village cans till hear the hoof-beats of Wilson’s horse searching for Gulabi. Is it because she still commits suicide every night? There is also Preeti who jumps off the bridge. But was it Preeti or Gulabi? The suspense unfolds on ZEE5!

Which of these episodes have you watched already? What are your thoughts about Parchhayee: Ghost Stories by Ruskin Bond? Let us know in the comments box below!

Meanwhile, continue your entertainment with the latest on ZEE5 – catch up or binge watch!

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